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The International Coach Federation (ICF)


I became aware of the work of Terrance Barkan CAE and GLOBALSTRAT through ASAE and learned about the quality work and thought leadership that they offered. 

The growth of the International Coach Federation (ICF) had been significant for many years but we had a problem focusing our efforts for the best long-term outcomes. As always, the opinions within leadership were plentiful and the possible directions that were considered were rather diverse. Our Board of Directors was certain that it was the time to engage a knowledgeable, experienced and unbiased party to help us to develop a plan.

GLOBALSTRAT was one of the several groups responding to our request. Based on the thoroughness of that proposal and a deep understanding of the issues we were facing, it was clear that they were the right partner in this endeavor.

Terrance and his team conducted a lot of research independently of the information we provided them. They were very attentive to the needs and desires of the staff and the Board for information, input or explanation. The plan they designed for us was very comprehensive and provided us with a detailed and specific roadmap on how to continue our growth globally. 

The plan called for some strong positions and necessary actions that by some may have been considered unpopular. GLOBALSTRAT was persistent. They used sound logic and business reasoning to support their recommendations. As a result, they managed to convince  the Board to pursue the plan. 

We are glad they did – three years later we are still observing an unprecedented growth worldwide, our retention rates continue to increase, even with an increase in membership dues, and the sharper focus of the organization seems to be attracting more professional and seasoned coaches as members.

GLOBALSTRAT, with their experience, expertise, industry insights and a track record of always staying current in the affairs of global associations is a proven resource for anybody who plans to grow internationally or for those that want to strengthen their international presence.



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Have you read an outstanding book on globalization, business strategy, social technologies or not-for-profit management that you would like to share? Let us know what you have read that has illuminated your view on these subjects.


Hot, Flat and Crowded

"Hot, Flat and Crowded" by Thomas Friedman, 2008, Farrar, Straus and Giroux ISBN978-0-374-16685-4Key Concepts:
Faced with limited resources, a growing population and an ever faster growth of global consumption, the world faces new pressures and tensions, leading to a potential conflict over a limited pool of resources if solutions are not found.

This follow-up to the "World is Flat" series (versions 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0) focuses on the issues of limited resources, climate change and the potential impacts these issues will have for the global community. Technology and the ingenuity of man will be the solution to the problem and this represents an opportunity for associations to play a key role. 

Why is this important for associations?
This book highlights the role that technology will continue to play as a source of solution for the most pressing problems we face globally. Associations play a key role in educating business, governments and the public at large about innovation and science-based solutions to global issues as well as creating a global community of advocates for postive and peaceful change.  


International Legal issues for Nonprofit Organization

"International Legal Issues for Nonprofit Organizations, Jefferson C. Glassie, 2010

Key Concepts:
When operating internationally, there are 10 key legal aspects that every organization should be aware of and to manage. These include topics such as Copyright, Anti-trust, Trademarks, and other related regulatory topics.

Why is this important for associations?
The book provides a "checklist" and reference point for the most important legal issues your organization needs to anticipate when working in an international environment.


Made to Stick

"Made to Stick" by Chip and Dan Heath, 2008 Arrow Books, ISBN 9780099505693Key Concepts: This short and easily read book is chock full of useable examples on how to powerfully communicate a compelling message that drives action. In essence, the brothers Chip and Dan Heath have investigated why some ideas stick when so many others fail? What did they find? 

Successful messages are:
1. Simple
2. Unexpected
3. Concrete
4. Credibile
5. Emotional
6. Stories

Why is this important for associations?

Associations compete in the marketplace of ideas as they compete for the loyalty of their members, customers, stakeholders, staff and volunteers. Sometimes we are so close to the music we can't hear the tune anymore. It is critical that we learn how to keep our messages fresh and relevant if we want to succeed. This book will have you looking at your organization, and how you communicate your mission, with a fresh pair of eyes.


The Post American World

"The Post-American World" by Fareed Zakaria, 2008, Norton ISBN978-0-393-06235-9



 Key Concepts:
As countries and regions of the world rise in prosperity, influence and political importance, the relative dominance of America will decline. However, America retains a unique opportunity to act as a critical power in a new, multi-lateral world based on the rule of law, free trade and mutual interests.

Why is this important for associations?
The international reputation of America has taken a beating during the Bush administration. However, the United States remains a beacon of hope and admiration around the world. The opportunity for the United States, and by proxy, its Associations, is to take advantage of the goodwill towards the US by treating other nations and organizations with respect and collaboration rather than overt domination. The new Obama administration should provide an atmosphere for more US engagement internationally. 


The Starfish and The Spider

“The Starfish and the Spider – The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations” by Ori Brafman and Rod A. Beckstrom, 2006 Portfolio – Penguin Books ISBN978-1-59184-183-8 Key Concepts:
Organizations that have a completely flat hierarchy are powerful, pervasive and very resilient. It shows how traditional hierarchial organizations are losing the ability to control information in the new environment of mass collaboration and communication.
The book also reviews some of the limitations of "leaderless" organizations and discusses the merits of retaining at least some form of hierarchy in a blend of traditional and new structures.

Whis is this important for associations?
Associations have the potential to transform into a very flat hierarchy and to exploit the potential that this new structural form offers. This book offers excellent ideas and a balanced view of the pro's, con's and issues to consider that will allow associations to evaluate if a new "flat" structure is right for them.