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The International Coach Federation (ICF)


I became aware of the work of Terrance Barkan CAE and GLOBALSTRAT through ASAE and learned about the quality work and thought leadership that they offered. 

The growth of the International Coach Federation (ICF) had been significant for many years but we had a problem focusing our efforts for the best long-term outcomes. As always, the opinions within leadership were plentiful and the possible directions that were considered were rather diverse. Our Board of Directors was certain that it was the time to engage a knowledgeable, experienced and unbiased party to help us to develop a plan.

GLOBALSTRAT was one of the several groups responding to our request. Based on the thoroughness of that proposal and a deep understanding of the issues we were facing, it was clear that they were the right partner in this endeavor.

Terrance and his team conducted a lot of research independently of the information we provided them. They were very attentive to the needs and desires of the staff and the Board for information, input or explanation. The plan they designed for us was very comprehensive and provided us with a detailed and specific roadmap on how to continue our growth globally. 

The plan called for some strong positions and necessary actions that by some may have been considered unpopular. GLOBALSTRAT was persistent. They used sound logic and business reasoning to support their recommendations. As a result, they managed to convince  the Board to pursue the plan. 

We are glad they did – three years later we are still observing an unprecedented growth worldwide, our retention rates continue to increase, even with an increase in membership dues, and the sharper focus of the organization seems to be attracting more professional and seasoned coaches as members.

GLOBALSTRAT, with their experience, expertise, industry insights and a track record of always staying current in the affairs of global associations is a proven resource for anybody who plans to grow internationally or for those that want to strengthen their international presence.



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The new European Union GDPR data protection rules come into full force and effect on 25 MAY 2018. 

Associations must inform themselves about the changes and learn how to comply in order to minimize potential risks to their organization. Failure to comply can expose your organization to substantial fines. 

GDPR Compliance Assessment Services

This service includes; a.) Intake Assessment, b.) Exposure Analysis and c.) Compliance Gap Report.
Intake Assessment - We will conduct an interview with your team to inventory the processes, programs and applications your organization uses to collect, store and manipulate data that would be exposed to GDPR regulations. 
Exposure Analysis - Your intake assessment will be analyzed and reviewed by the team at Cordery Legal Compliance to map your organization’s data environment against current GDPR regulations. 
Compliance Gap Report - We will provide you with a written GPDR Compliance Gap Analysis. This will highlight areas that need additional attention or changes to processes and procedures to protect your organization. 
Next Steps - Your GDPR Compliance Gap Report will help you understand where you have exposure and you can then decide how you want or need to make changes to achieve compliance. 
Bonus: Our GPDR Compliance Assessment Services comes with a 1 year subscription to the GDPR Navigator Information Services (described below and available separately) which includes valuable resources and templates while keeping you up-to-date about GDPR compliance issues.
For information about GDPR Compliance Assessment Services, including pricing, click here

GDPR Information Sevices

GLOBALSTRAT is pleased to offer, in partnership with the legal experts at Cordery Compliance Ltd in the UK, GDPR Information Sevices. As an annual subscriber to these services, your association will have access to;
-  a bimonthly phone conference for a year (i.e. 6 in total) of 1 hour on one or more specific topics covering the key areas affecting associations. You will also have access to the recorded sessions and handouts for later refence.  

- a written briefing that sums up the main issues of the phone conference along with news updates on recent issues
- written reports and resources that will include;

a.)  EU Data Protection FAQs (15 pages) 
b.)  Geographical reach and jursidictions
c.)  The security provisions of GDPR
d.)  Glossary of terms
Having access to expert legal advisors and the resources listed above would normally cost at least $5,000 or more over the course of a year. 
GLOBALSTRAT has negotiated a special rate of just $2,500 for an annual subscription to these highly valued GDPR Advisory services. This offer is only available to associations through GLOBALSTRAT.
NOTE: Subscriptions are valid for your organization. You can have multiple staff participants on the conference calls and access to the written resources (legal counsel, IT services, membership, etc.).
Subsrcibe today and start learning how the new GDPR regulations will impact your association and how you can take steps towards legal compliance. 
Your subscription service is valid for a period of at least 12 months from the date of subscription. 
BONUS!  -  Sign up today and receive the report "The Security Provisions of GDPR".