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The International Coach Federation (ICF)


I became aware of the work of Terrance Barkan CAE and GLOBALSTRAT through ASAE and learned about the quality work and thought leadership that they offered. 

The growth of the International Coach Federation (ICF) had been significant for many years but we had a problem focusing our efforts for the best long-term outcomes. As always, the opinions within leadership were plentiful and the possible directions that were considered were rather diverse. Our Board of Directors was certain that it was the time to engage a knowledgeable, experienced and unbiased party to help us to develop a plan.

GLOBALSTRAT was one of the several groups responding to our request. Based on the thoroughness of that proposal and a deep understanding of the issues we were facing, it was clear that they were the right partner in this endeavor.

Terrance and his team conducted a lot of research independently of the information we provided them. They were very attentive to the needs and desires of the staff and the Board for information, input or explanation. The plan they designed for us was very comprehensive and provided us with a detailed and specific roadmap on how to continue our growth globally. 

The plan called for some strong positions and necessary actions that by some may have been considered unpopular. GLOBALSTRAT was persistent. They used sound logic and business reasoning to support their recommendations. As a result, they managed to convince  the Board to pursue the plan. 

We are glad they did – three years later we are still observing an unprecedented growth worldwide, our retention rates continue to increase, even with an increase in membership dues, and the sharper focus of the organization seems to be attracting more professional and seasoned coaches as members.

GLOBALSTRAT, with their experience, expertise, industry insights and a track record of always staying current in the affairs of global associations is a proven resource for anybody who plans to grow internationally or for those that want to strengthen their international presence.



What do clients say?

The International Carwash Association®

Our work with GLOBALSTRAT was a vital ingredient in helping us to identify a new growth opportunity, shift our strategic focus and develop a successful approach to an unfamiliar marketplace.
We found Terrance and his team at GLOBALSTRAT through his one-day workshop, which presented us with a solid framework of things to consider as we began considering our first entry into the European market. Following that workshop, we worked with GLOBALSTRAT to accumulate primary and secondary data, and then build a product concept - which for us was the launch of a new trade show and convention.
Over more than six months of work, GLOBALSTRAT was able to bring expertise, perspective and sound business reasoning to our board and staff teams, resulting in a decision for us to proceed with a high degree of comfort in the concept and expectations.
Our first edition of Car Wash Show Europe was a highly successful “proof of concept” - attracting nearly 50% more participants than anticipated in the original plan. Based on those results, we have committed to the second event edition - with sales results that are already trending well ahead of the first event.
I would recommend GLOBALSTRAT to any organization that wants to identify growth opportunities through a collaborative approach with a uniquely qualified partner. 


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NEW EU General Data Protection Regulations

In the European Union (EU), the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has now reached the end of the legislative pipeline. 

The new rules cover many things including mandatory reporting for data breaches, heavier sanctions, the one-stop-shop, new rights, data protection officers, revised consent criteria, and, data protection impact assessments being key aspects that will affect organisations with an EU presence - a significant new extra-territorial jurisdiction aspect also catches organisations based outside the EU where they offer goods and services to EU citizens or monitor their behavior and process their data. 

On 11 May 2016, GLOBALSTRAT hosted a webinar on the new EU - US Data Protection regulations that was presented by Cordery, a specialist legal compliance company based in London.

Access the full 61 minute presentation

Download a copy of the presentation slides (pdf)

Download a Data Protection glossary (pdf)

Safe Harbor and Data Protection Regulations for Associations

The rules around the holding and management of data, including the kind of membership information associations keep and use everyday, are changing dramatically. In this era of greater data protection regulation, it is critical that association managers understand the issues and how to protect their organizations. 

On 9 and 11 February 2016, GLOBALSTRAT hosted a webinar on new EU - US Data Transfer regulations that was presented by Cordery, a specialist legal compliance company based in London.

You can download a copy of the full 60 minute presentation. 





The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization for coaches, professionals that partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Today, ICF counts more than 25,000 members and 11,000 credentialed coaches in more than 100 countries worldwide.


As part of a strategic planning process that involved senior ICF staff and the ICF Board of Directors, the organization identified opportunities for incremental global growth as well as undertaking a review of its basic business model and pricing approach. 


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Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

International growth strategy case study 


The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has 275,000 members from more than 160 countries that are interested in human resource management issues and practices. 

SHRM has been active internationally for a number of years but in the last two years, these efforts have been paying off with increasing results. This is in large part due to a recent shift in strategy and approach. 

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Inevitably, questions about if and when your association should consider translation will arise. If you believe that translation is an important component for your international growth and development, take a look at 8 important hints and tips that just might save you a lot of time, money and frustration!

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World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report

The World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report is one of the best and most comprehensive collections of information on more than 140 countries world-wide. 

The most recent edition is packed with more than 500 pages of detailed information, including individual country profiles that can be used by associations to determine which countries offer the best opportunities for growth. 

Here is how you can use the report for your association's international development . . . 



Do you have what it takes?

Your association might be international, but do you have what it takes as a manager and a leader?
Managing an international association is extremely rewarding as well as challenging.
To succeed, association managers will benefit from a set of global skills and competencies. 

Here are some of the skills we feel will help you to succeed . . . 



Value Based Pricing - What is it and why is it important?

According to the Wikipedia definition; 

[Value-based pricing is a pricing strategy which sets prices primarily, but not exclusively, on the value, perceived or estimated, to the customer rather than on the cost of the product or historical prices. Where it is successfully used, it will improve profitability due to the higher prices without impacting greatly on sales volumes.] 

In our experience, too many associations under-price their membership, education and training products in their domestic market.

To make matters worse, they often then discount further for international markets. With a cost of delivery that is higher than in the home market, it is no wonder that many associations are disappointed in the financial performance of their international membership and customer base. 

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Associations and Emerging Markets

"Winning in Emerging Markets", written by Tarun Khanna and Krishna G. Palepu, helps to define what an "emerging market" really is.

More importantly, they also define those key elements that are critical to business that we take for granted in advanced economies. Elements that are often missing from many emerging markets but that may present opportunities, especially for associations.


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How has the world changed in the last 200 years?

This highly engaging video demonstrates why there are so many great opportunities for associations to grow and serve a global community. The world continues on a path of globalization, integration, rising standards of living andgreater democratization. All of which provide fertile ground for internationally focused associations.


The World in 2050

HSBC Global Research has produced an impressive forecasting report that highlights future areas of growth. In particular, it confirms the anticipated growth of emerging economies and how the world will have a more balanced global economy.

Taken together with Hans Rosling's video "200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes" (see above), the long term global trends point to a wealthier, healthier world for most of the planet. 



International Societies of Association Executives (SAEs)

Associations of association executives, similar in function to the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) exist in a number of countries and regions around the world.  

List of National / Regional Associations of Association Executives