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Why should you attend?   

Does your Board of Directors want to have a global impact but is unable to define the how or what?

Are you wondering how to achieve international growth but not sure if your current business model(s) will work?

Are you concerned about how to achieve compliance with the strict EU Data Protection law, known as the GDPR?

Is there confusion about how the Chinese NGO law affects how your association must operate when on the territory of China? 

Does your international presence fall short of expectations and potential?

Benefit from a focused one day workshop that leverages more than 25 years of hands-on international association management experience supported by original research and delivered by experienced professionals. 

What do Clients Say?

International Facility Management Association 

"It was a mind expanding engagement working with GLOBALSTRAT on the International Facility Management Association’s, (IFMA), global organization strategy.
IFMA had previously used GLOBALSTRAT in an engagement to support growth in Europe, then based upon the continued relevant content and research produced by GLOBALSTRAT it was an easy decision to engage them again to help IFMA evaluate the support for a global chapter network.
GLOBALSTRAT conducted an initial research study of our current situation, then engaged our Board and Executive Management Team to consider different alternatives. Some of these alternatives were very bold steps forward.
GLOBALSTRAT then worked with the Team to put more data and information around the concepts. The ultimate decision was to adopt a hybrid approach which has now lead to a major global collaboration which will transform IFMA.
We are very appreciative of GLOBALSTRAT’s role and guidance in this process.
I highly recommend considering GLOBALSTRAT in your organizations strategic planning process as even when you are a national organization you still have to consider global issues.”
Tony Keane, CAE
President & CEO
International Facility Management Association
What do clients say?

The International Carwash Association®

Our work with GLOBALSTRAT was a vital ingredient in helping us to identify a new growth opportunity, shift our strategic focus and develop a successful approach to an unfamiliar marketplace.
We found Terrance and his team at GLOBALSTRAT through his one-day workshop, which presented us with a solid framework of things to consider as we began considering our first entry into the European market. Following that workshop, we worked with GLOBALSTRAT to accumulate primary and secondary data, and then build a product concept - which for us was the launch of a new trade show and convention.
Over more than six months of work, GLOBALSTRAT was able to bring expertise, perspective and sound business reasoning to our board and staff teams, resulting in a decision for us to proceed with a high degree of comfort in the concept and expectations.
Our first edition of Car Wash Show Europe was a highly successful “proof of concept” - attracting nearly 50% more participants than anticipated in the original plan. Based on those results, we have committed to the second event edition - with sales results that are already trending well ahead of the first event.
I would recommend GLOBALSTRAT to any organization that wants to identify growth opportunities through a collaborative approach with a uniquely qualified partner. 


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Review of the new European GDPR and California data proetection regulations. 

How will Brexit affect working in Europe. 

 09:00am - 4:00pm

Welcome and Opening Remarks


Use a proven, process based approach to international strategy development
  • Setting expectations for your international programs
  • Aligning your international strategy with your mission and vision
  • How to define and measure "success"
  • Gaining the support of your staff and volunteer leaders
Case Studies, Data and Research 
  • How have other associations approached international strategy
  • What are the greatest challenges and how to avoid common mistakes
  • Why international markets require different approaches 
  • Which products and services should you lead with  
International Market Research
  • How to conduct secondary market research 
  • What you need to know about emerging market opportunities
  • How to accurately measure the size of potential markets
  • Competitor intelligence, it is not just other associations
Language and Culture
  • Cultural and language issues you need to think about
  • When should you translate content and programs
  • Developing customized content or services for different parts of the world
  • How to communicate effectively across cultures
Networking Lunch - Sharing experiences and open discussion with your peers and experts
International Legal Issues 
  • What are the top 10 legal issues every association needs to know? 
  • How do we protect our brand, copyrights and intellectual property?
  • How do we conduct business internationally, including tax and banking issues?
  • How do we manage international staff and supplier contracts and obligations? 
EU GDPR  and California Data Protection Regulations
  • What is the GDPR and which associations are affected?
  • What are the risks and penalities for non-compliance? 
  • What steps will associations need to take in order to achieve compliance
  • What new regulations do we need to be concerned about? 
Business Models
  • What are the pros and cons of different business models (chapters versus affiliates, etc.)?
  • Using live events, certifications and training to enter new markets
  • When to partner with other associations or to lead with your own programs
  • Using "value based pricing" to grow in a profitable and sustainable way
Business Plan Implementation
  • Using social media to find prospects, recruit members and market programs
  • Getting paid and managing foreign exchange risks
  • Using international vendors, partners and consultants effectively 
  • Managing international staff and volunteers

15:45  Closing remarks and Q&A